Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Delaying marriage should not be a reason to marry someone who is not right for you. You will hurt the marriage. It is a very big institution that gives you a certificate before you start studies. ● I have seen so many girls who ran away from marriage and thought it best to marry people who are not saved because they were late. The Bible says how can two people walk together if they do not get along ♡ if you agree to marry a drunkard while you are saved you must also be a drunkard 😂If you marry a prostitute while you are saved you must also be an adulterer 😏 though there are girls who pretend their goats' ears do not understand the lesson. concrete bearers because the bible says the one who is often warned to break his neck will break 😂 marriage is not just having sex marriage is not telling the partner love you, marriage is not telling me to drink water and see you in the glass, marriage is sacred worship before God means prayer * requires the presence of God to rule you always live yours.

You daughter stop pretending to be kariakooo nuts, a loving person can't tell you to taste it first and then marry you you have become an octopus soup until you taste it 😏 a loving man will follow church procedures, parenting procedures again let me tell you there is a great blessing to marry with honor from parents and church now you you are just attracted you will think of cigarettes 😂take your folly in your head you brought it into the world for God's purposes Who told you if you are single you will not go to heaven? The Bible says that you should seek first the kingdom and his righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you, Matthew 6:33.

An unsaved man who cannot marry you will end up chewing on you like peanuts😁 an unsaved man has no fear of God if you make a little mistake you will be eating applause like a dog 😂A saved man cannot stop getting out of marriage because there is nothing stopping him from doing his thing marriage needs truth and clarity now you comfort yourself i will change you will think you are God😂.

Your marriage is only there but you must realize that if you continue to wear your shameful clothes they will only continue to taste you but the marriage will be for the girls who stand with God, honor your body because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, stop showing your white body and you are led by people who are not saved. you are just a partner and if you see a saved girl being seduced by men who are wearing tight-fitting trousers with their hair cut you will think we are a little girl so you know if you are spiritually dead you are just waiting to be buried 😊.

Lastly daughter take care of your virginity to Jesus Our mothers in the past took care of their virginity they respected their parents they went to their husbands and virgins but this generation yelewiiiiiiiiii to find a virgin for a daughter thank God I did not say if they are there but many are snake caves your virgin eats mpagan who is saved after your husband 😂jionee even pity the day you get married you are hanmony shagazi he comes to give you sheets he finds white sheets peeeeeeeeeee it is a shame 😂is blessed they said you are late to get married but you are married with respect.

by Evangelist Mwasongwe

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