Thursday, December 01, 2016

9 things to incorporate into your marketing strategy for your landscaping business.

Daniel Maithya is the CEO for Social Media Global Drive company, Digital Strategist, Marketer and a Consultant. He is also a Social Entrepreneur, digital content creator and a Social Media Executive based in Nairobi County, Kenya.

1. You need a blog where you can share your landscaping ideas and even run a consultation firm online. You can earn some extra cash through monetizing the site. One of the best blogging platform is wordpress.

2. Spend time blogging relevant content that will attract anyone with interest in landscaping. For a start you can be doing 3 blogs per week and ensuring consistency for it’s in through this you build your blog following.

3. Write about things people want to know.
Through this you will be giving valuable information to people searching for it and as the source of that knowledge you are becoming a thought leader!

4. Don’t forget to use the right keywords! You can easily figure out what users actually search for, that relates to your topic. How? Did you ever notice that when you search for something onGoogle, it actually starts to complete your thought by filling in words as you type, almost as though it knows what you are thinking. Well, Google does know what people are thinking because they have billions of pieces of data from actual search queries from real people. So they are suggesting phrases to you that are from that There will be so many suggestions you won’t know where to start. That’s OK, just start and use them to optimize your posts.

5. Be creative! Come up with valuable content marketing strategies now and then. Keep checking the latest trends in content marketing and adjust your strategies for optimal performance.
6. Google likes links. Having links pointing to your website from other sources, it’s like adding fertilizer to your soil in a garden. The more links the better. But these links should be from credible sources.

7. By setting up social media accounts, you have a great opportunity to communicate directly with potential customers and start discussions that lead to potential business relationships. Your blog links from social media shares and comments are critical to your success. So when you blog, share it to your social networks. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, include a pretty picture and pin it on Pinterest. Once you’ve built up a list of people following you on these social media channels that LOVE what you are saying, they will also, post it, tweet it, share it and pin it!

8. Set up an account with an email marketing service such as mailchimp to reach out to your target audience in the most effective manner. You will need high-quality content for your email marketing campaigns.

9. Carry out a content analysis of your business website. Are all the necessary pages there? Do you think all the information the client needs in order to make a decision in your favor is present on your website? Does it have testimonials and the FAQs section? Does it properly explain what sort of landscaping services you provide and what sort of material you use?

“You cannot bore people into buying your product; you can only interest them in buying it.” —David Ogilvy