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George Silaa is one of the young people who serve God in Tanzania through Gospel Music Singing in Hip hop rhythms. Some of the other young people working in the field of Gospel Hip hop are Bashando Shaboka, Moses Michael and Rungu la Yesu. George is a good activist in ensuring that more young people have access to the true Gospel and become disciples of Jesus just like himself.

In an interview with our Tanzania Gospel Network Blog, George has opened up as follows:

Tanzania Gospel Network: Who exactly is George Silaa
George: George Silaa is a Gospel rap musician from Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania

Tanzania Gospel Network: How many ministries do you do in the service of Christ?
George: In my ministry I do just one singing service

Tanzania Gospel Network: Tell me about your singing ministry
George: This ministry is completely evangelical but it is in the rhythm of Hip hop ... so we call it Gospel hip hop

Tanzania Gospel Network: What do you think is the main role of a praise and worship leader in the church?
George: The great responsibility of the Leader of Praise and Worship is to lead Christians in seeking the face of the Lord

Tanzania Gospel Network: Tell us about any project you are doing right now; Personally and in self-sufficiency
George: In all my projects it is not where I get my needs but my goal is for every young person to hear the Gospel of Jesus. Right now we have a big project in Tanzania called Jesus Save the Streets specifically for Gospel rap artists.

After the interview, the Tanzania Gospel Network thanked George for his co-operation and wished him a happy day.

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