Tuesday, February 24, 2015


by Gasto Nswima

Hi friends i know it's been a while since i published last article. I have started my CHOOSE TO BE A SUCCESS UNIVERSITIES TOUR so have been moving around but here we are again hahahaha. Today i want to share with you about how you can attack your worst enemy of your dreams. You know everyone has a dream on this earth but unfortunately few of them get to the end of their dreams. Many have remained to be wishers because they have failed to overcome this enemy which is called FEAR.

Fear has put most of people in a prison of not accomplishing their dreams. Fear has killed more dreams than you can imagine but you know what, when i was thinking why it has so much power like that, i found the real truth which you will be amazed at.

As you may think that fear is real, well is not because fear is the state of mind nothing more than that. The only place you can find fear is in your mind. Fear is formed from 2 things
i)From experiences you passed through
-There might be experiences you passed like tough times now this situation might inject you with fear of doing anything good which comes with that same overall.

ii)From experiences we see others passing through
-It's true you might witness someone closer to you going through some hard moments this might also build fear in you.

The worst thing is when fear grows in you it runs directly to your vital place called thoughts. Thoughts are very powerful and can change your life totally. What you always think is what you become. If you let fear climb your thoughts then your life will be of defeat always. So how do you eliminate fear in you?!..i have prepared simple steps which you can practice over and over again.


  • Take a notebook
  • Write the list of all your fears(Be honest with yourself)
  • In each fear you have written below it write present positive thought i.e Am afraid of speaking in public---àAm speaking in public (When you write in present positive thought it helps you to feel that you have already overcome and this will sparkle your will power to overcome).
  • In each fear commit one week to visualize the present positive thought you have written
  • During the week choose a day and time you can take action and face your fear


Examine and write down the level of your fear between 1-10 .The only key to know the real level of fear you are in is to be honest with yourself don’t try to play tricks because you will be fooling yourself. These levels are explained in words which are very funny to show the state of fear you have. Reason I have put this is to make you engage inform of your sentences to talk to your fears which will help you to develop more determination to eliminate all of your fears.


1 Read to rock n roll baby.

2 Watch me making it.

3 On your face fool

4 Surprised uuh?!

5 Almost there

6 Keep pushing

7 Freedom is the must

8 I must overcome

9 I will go even harder

10 Aaarggh!!. i still can’t do it

Repeat the process till you reach level 1. Hope this will be good for you enjoy!!

By Gasto Nswima