Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Remember life is full of choices we make everyday. We are products of our own choices and the results we are getting today come from the choices we made long ago,yesterday or today. But always these choices will come handy with opinions. You will make choices of your life based on whose opinion you are living in at that moment. There are 2 kinds of opinions which people live in.

i) Opinion of others.
This is where biggest percentage of people live in today. Reason why people are not happy with their lives, have low self esteem, fail always is because they have let others people's opinions to take over control of their lives. The reasons you are not where you want to be is because you have allowed others who have failed to accomplish anything for themselves to affect your life with their opinions. I don't say opinions of others are not important but what i mean is you have to find right opinions from right people because right opinions will always build you to become what you were meant to become. But most of people are blindly folded and feed on every opinion comes their way. Other people have no control over you unless you allow them. If you are going to consider opinion of others first analyze it and see what good it can add to you life or if not leave it.

ii) Opinion of yourself.
Keep in mind that change starts from you. The opinion you have about yourself will determine how people will relate to you and perceive you in daily basis. You can't have an opinion of weakness about yourself and expect people to see you strong, you can't have an opinion of a failure and expect people to see you as a winner, that's impossible. The opinion you have about yourself matters alot than you think. Because you are going to be ruled and controlled by opinions you have about yourself. That's why you wonder many a people can't fulfill their dreams, they just let them die inside because opinion of fear is controlling them. Make sure you always have positive opinions about yourself no matter what happens, never lose it.
Because your life matters most on your opinions.

Gasto Nswima

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