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Job description

Team Leader - EC Zanzibar Non State Actors (NSAs) Support Programme (ZANSASP)

Objectives of the role:

The global objective of ZANSASP is to strengthen democratisation and good governance, through support to civil society initiatives on accountability, participatory development and policy advocacy in Zanzibar. Its specific objectives are: i) to strengthen NSAs leadership and management capacities ii) increase transparency and participatory development by increasing NSAs' engagement in policy development and planning, formulation, monitoring and evaluation of poverty reduction strategies and programmes.

The programme foresees a) support to the demand-side of governance and social accountability through provision of a range of grant and essentially non-grant forms of capacity development support to Zanzibari Non-State actors (NSAs) engaged in advocacy and dialogue with the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGoZ) on issues of governance and development, as well as b) technical assistance to relevant authorities of the RGoZ to improve the legislative and regulatory environment for civil society organisations and the supply side of governance and transparency.

The Team Leader will be expected to lead a technical assistance team whose remit includes the provision of technical assistance to NSAs and relevant RGoZ authorities; the design and implementation of a comprehensive capacity development programme for Zanzibari NSAs (capacity development for CSOs, mapping and research on CSOs, support to dialogue between CSOs and partner country governments and/or local authorities, supporting partner country governments in improving the legislative and regulatory environment for CSOs) and the management of grants contract to local NSAs.

Length of the project: 48 months

Start Date: January 2015 (at earliest)

Qualifications and Skills:
Master’s degree in social sciences (e.g. organisational development, international development, development management, business studies, MBA, politics, economics) or similar
Ability to develop non state actor (NSA) representative structures; coalitions, platforms and networks for civil society
Skills in managing capacity building and training of NSAs
Good level of English and preferably Swahili

General Professional Experience:
Experience working in sub-Saharan Africa, preferably East Africa, ideally Tanzania and Zanzibar
10 years’ experience on donor programmes, especially capacity building/organisational development and working with civil society/non state actors such as NGOs, CBOs, FBOs
Experience working under EC EDF procedures, e.g. EDF small grant disbursement, reporting, performance monitoring, communication and visibility guidelines
Experience lobbying and engaging with partner country governments – facilitating liaison between relevant government ministries and NSAs

Specific Professional Experience:
Experience of capacity building and development of civil society - training, mentoring and coaching to NSAs in areas such as: project management, leadership, fundraising, research, policy advocacy, gender mainstreaming, networking, social accountability and governance issues, formulation of poverty reduction strategies, policy/programmes, M&E, constitutional and human rights, encouraging greater engagement of NSAs in national programmes.
Experience managing grants to NSAs
Understanding of regulatory reform e.g. registration of NSAs, framework that ensures compliance and discourages abuse (desirable)
Knowledge of current civil society in Zanzibar and constraints/opportunities (desirable)

How to apply: CLICK HERE

Deadline for Application: 17th October 2014

"Please note that all profiles are indicative only and therefore subject to change once the ToR is made available."

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