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Teacher Christopher Mwakasege

Teacher Christopher Mwakasege testified at the ongoing seminar at Fun Stadiums in Mwanza The seminar on how the Holy Spirit can help you to receive what you are asking for began on 19-07-2011 and is expected to end on 23-07-2011.
He said the Holy Spirit tells you that the prayer does not have a DISCUSSION is to enter the prayer until you get what you are asking for because the cost of entering the prayer to get what you need to get is less than the cost of missing what you were told to get in the Prayer.
When the Holy Spirit gives you the burden of praying for something, He gives it to you and when you are lazy, that time passes by, and it becomes a paradox, and the paradox can be inhabited by something that does not exist. “When we went to Israel with Fanuel Zedekiah and then he started to get sick the doctors told me his brain was ninety percent not working. But they wondered why I was always at the hospital and they said why don't you just stay at the hotel and then call to ask about the patient's condition? They did not know why I was going there because the issue of just calling is not a problem I could go back to Arusha and then I would be calling.
The point here is that I was always going to pray for him, I was sitting on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee praying for Zedekiah for six hours from there I heard a very strange anointing and then I took a Taxi towards
Hospital. When I arrived at the hospital the doctors and ICU people were unaware of me so I went straight to the dressing room and changed clothes and then I went into the ICU where he was admitted.
When I get there I ask God a lot of questions and I ask Zedekiah, what are you talking about with Jesus all the time you are not coming back? and then I ask Jesus, isn't Jesus aware that Zedekiah is awake
If you take his wife, who will be his wife? Then after those words I put my hand on it.
As I lay my hand on it suddenly all the anointing becomes as if it had been sucked. After that I go back to the hotel and start again
Ask God if you do not hear my prayers, hear the prayers of Tanzanians because at that time I knew many Tanzanians were praying for Zedekiah.
There comes a time when I give up but in my heart I say to myself Mwakasege it is impossible to encourage yourself and then I change the type of application, as I had his clothes and his passport I became
I put them in and then I started praying for Jericho, I was at the hotel at night and I went around her clothes and her passport while I prayed.
Slowly God began to tell me that Zedekiah was not coming back. At that time my family and I had planned to go to England for a Christmas break, and the booking at the Hotel was done, and all the children at home were wondering how we were going to rest when Zedekiah was sick. Chrismass passed with the new year as well and then Zedekiah died.
After that death I did not get tired and I went back to God and asked him why God has decided to take Zedekiah into my hands? God answered me things I can't say here.
Every day I am a stranger in prayer I need the SPIRIT to teach me anew because I do not know what war I am going to fight, God remains God because He does what He wills ”
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