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                                 MWINJ & MCH. SONGWA KAZI

Scriptures: Genesis 2: 7, 15, 18-23; 29: 1-30


01. Introduction

02. Source of marriage

03. The purpose of marriage

04. Ways to find the right spouse (your choice)

05. How will you know this is your choice?

06. Things that break a relationship

07. Factors to consider in order to end the journey of safe relationships with victory
Do you know the right ways to get a spouse from God?
Have you ever been loved or loved?

So join me in this lesson series so we can learn together in this relationship lesson. 02. SOURCE OF MARRIAGE (RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HUSBAND AND WIFE)
The Originator of marriage is God himself. And he said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. See Genesis 1:28, 2:18.

Note: A good wife is from the LORD, Proverbs 19:14.
The sole purpose of marriage is to advance creation (offspring). See Genesis 1: 26-28, as well as fellowship and support, Genesis 2: 18-25. So the purpose of marriage is procreation, fellowship and support.

A path is a guide or compass that guides a person to reach or complete a journey.

Each method must have its own conditions so you must follow it carefully.

The only way for our church or guidance is the WORD of God is the only guide or way to get a spouse from the LORD.

The following are just some of the ways:

(i) Get yourself well first

So before your mate begins, find out for yourself. Luke 1:80, 2:52


Do not enter into relationships with the concept of test. Marriage we do not try but we do.

The problem for many of them is the height or level of understanding of the institution of marriage.

Manhood is love. Man of truth does not end where many (others) end - Be a man.

Another key factor here is to recognize yourself for who you are.
All men (young men) should look good, and all women (girls) should look good, but do not personalize them all.

Understand that;
All men are men, but not all of them are your husbands.
All women are his, but not all of them are his wives.

Walk knowing that you are someone's ANSWER, so walk knowing that you are someone's wife or husband.

(ii) Do not seek a spouse.
Genesis 2: 7, 15, 18-23, 1 Peter 5: 7

Don't worry about where you will find him or her. Let God give you a wife or a husband because he or she is the founder of the marriage so he or she knows which one will suit you in your life.

Refer to our first parent Adam; he did not bother to look for one but to focus on cultivating and caring for the garden of Eden. Then God saw that Adam was capable of surviving the marriage, so He gave him a wife.

(iii) Prayer and thanksgiving
Philippians 4: 4-7
You don’t have to make relationships before making an application to see.

When you see your spouse you do not need to pray or go to God but to go to the Pastor to continue the process of achieving a better future, Rom 8 24-25. Note:
There are things to pray for and there are things to do (obligations).
(Prayer is not a substitute for your responsibilities)

Prayer is a sign of need for help and faith is received with gratitude for what you have asked for. Note:
Your spouse must touch his or her life, regardless of the situation, environment, education, etc.
Things to understand in relationships:

(a) - If you desire a man you must fall with him (sin)

- If you love someone you must care for them (b) - If you are a person to watch or examine a lot, you must be selective

- As a watchman, you must love and care. Note:
Relationships begin with the walls of manna, Acts 2: 18-23
There is no love without cost, Genesis 29: 1-30. Let's build relationships so that we can get to know each other better.
You must know the person you are dealing with. There is a saying: If you can't find the one you love, then try to love the person you will find. A key element in relationships is setting boundaries

Do not engage in speech or conversation that dishonors God. (iv) Dedicate yourself fully (fully) for service 

Genesis 2: 8, 15, 29: 1-30
Continue to be faithful in worship and service and God who knows the needs of the heart will do you good.

If a young man or woman is rejected, do not hate your partner and see that he or she is spiritually healed, but thank God that he or she has healed you of problems, tragedy or tragedy. Further, go and increase your level of worship and service. Note:
Young man, do not try to seduce a girl — that is, to persuade her to agree with something she does not want, but to tell her the truth about your real life.

Pagans are the ones who seduce (deceive) by wearing positions, titles and big names in order to be accepted. Note:
Do not marry a daughter and do not marry on the basis of compassion; on the pretext of minimizing problems or eliminating daily annoyance.

We do not marry out of compassion, but out of love for God's will.

It is good to set standards, but be willing to let God's will take precedence, for he knows your mate well. Matt 26: 36-44 05. HOW WILL YOU KNOW THIS IS YOUR CHOICE.
The only thing that will make you realize that this is your spouse and your choice in life is that the Peace of God (Christ) will decide in you.

The peace of Christ is the voice of the Holy Spirit proving that you are in the right place, Philippians 4: 7 Note:
The wife is not shown, but we see clearly, as was the case with Adam, Genesis 2: 19-25

Yet sometimes God can show you or speak to you; but be very careful here as there are about three sounds and if you fail to distinguish you will get hurt before the trip.

These sounds are:
The voice of God
Voice of conscience (I)
Devil's Voice Note / Warning:
Do not add / open springs.

Do not initiate sexual intercourse before or outside of marriage. This will be a sign that the basis of your relationship or marriage is not love but only desire.

The Bible warns us not to stir up or arouse love until it feels right, Song 4:12, 2; 7, 3; 5

Here love is likened to a closed spring, the day it is opened it will continue to yearn for being opened every day even when you are married, you will be very upset.

When you taste it you will continue to taste and taste and that is the end of your worth and your dignity. Please take care of yourself, to complete your journey safely and successfully.
There are many things, but some of them play a major role:
(i) The words you say / are spoken by other people against your spouse.

(ii) Your appearance:
It is good for a young person to be clean and not rough.
Learn to bathe, wash your clothes, apply oil, ointment, etc. (iii) Character (personality) of one's nature
Proverbs 30: 11-14
It is a good thing that these natural behaviors were dealt with early before marriage, as they can cause problems within the marriage.

The partner should consider the following factors to complete his or her journey safely:

(i) Have self-control, that is, set boundaries in:

- Conversation, 1 Cor 15:33

- The practice of boy and girl being alone in hiding.

- Don't pretend to love someone. (be easy to access and not easy). (You can be simple, but don’t be cheap) (ii) Have a vision
Proverbs 29:18
A visionary person has goals, plans and strategies. In his case, he did not go astray.

Plan what kind of life you want to live. (iii) Fill the Word with the Holy Spirit
Luke 4: 1-15

This will help you to resist the wiles of the evil one (devil) (iv) Flee / Get Out of Evil

Genesis 39: 5-23

The story of Joseph fleeing when he wanted to be raped by Potiphar's wife.

Do not make yourself too spiritual and self-confident beyond the Word of God (the Bible) Note:
When you make a non-spiritual thing spiritual, you will be telling a spiritual lie and preventing the true meaning of God's Word from appearing. (v) Make fasting requests
Physical medicine is starvation, Galatians 5: 16-21, Luke 18: 1-7.

The cure for these diseases is fasting (not feeding the body)

2COR 13:14



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