Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The pastor of the GRC Church, Anthony Lusekelo ‘Elder of the Anointing’ has said he will not give away the condolences of Bishop Moses Kulola due to the humiliation of the fundraisers.

Speaking to this newspaper last Saturday by phone, the Anointed Elder said instead the money of 15 million shillings will now be used to treat the pain he suffered from the media writing controversy over his promise to offer such condolences.

"First of all, the person who was supposed to be collecting the money, who is the Treasurer of the EAGT Church, Pastor Praygod Mgonja, I do not know by the way, I told him what is the best way to present the money, instead he used the media to humiliate me.

“I told Pastor Mgonja that fifteen million shillings is not like three hundred thousand shillings; They should have a clear order of release. I told mother Kulola (the wife of the deceased) to follow herself to pray for my blessing, she said ok, now I am surprised she is humiliating me, ”said the Anointed Elder.

He reiterated his statement in a text message to the reporter that he would not deliver the promised pension.

He added that he has now canceled the release of the money as he thinks there is a conspiracy he did not mention and that the money will now be used to treat the injuries he sustained after the news from the media.

The newspaper last week quoted Pastor Mgonja as saying that he had not received the condolences of the Anointed Elder who are 15 million shillings and others who promised including Pastor Josephat Gwajima who promised to give 10 million shillings and Pastor Getrude Lwakatare (one million shillings) had given.

source: http://samsasali.blogspot.com

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