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In the 27th October 2013's Sunday service in the Church he leads, SCOAN, in Lagos, Nigeria, Prophet T. B. Joshua said from wednesday to thursday he saw a leader being captured and insisted that people should pray for the leader.

He clarified that the country he prophesied about is not Kenya and desribed that county saying "the same country it happened to in the past, when they were drinking and close to the Kenya". Furthermore, he warned "if prayer and security is not being, the blood of thousand people will be wasted". Moreover, The Prophet said that he neither know what happens to the leader after being captured, who captured him nor the reason for capture. He added that he will not mention the name of that leader that God told him, because people will start abusing him (the leader), and promised to mention as long as people start praying for him.

The Prophet warned people not to neglect the message and instead take the spiritual measures. He reminded people about the prophecy to the President of Argentina he uttered last year when he said “I see death of an Argentina leader but he/she can be saved if there is no operation. He may go into a comma but will come back to life later,” The same message was then translated into French and Spanish and sent to Argentina. Regardless the precaution from Man of God, the President still underwent surgery to remove blood from the surface of her brain this month and she is now weak, hence unable to resume public duties.The Prophet added that he is so worried that what he is looking at is like no other person sees what he's looking at. If there would be another person somewhere who sees what he sees, he would feel more comfortable for he (another person) will confirm what he sees.

He urged people to pray and himself is praying for that country so that the capture will not take place and when such capture happens the evils will be minimized to the zero level.

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Name BISHOP KAKOBE anywhere in Tanzania and you will be surprised to know that almost everyone knows him. Many knew him when he set a precedent for political venture and praised Augustino Lyatonga Mrema. That was in 2000 during the general election. Much has been said about him, but I respect his freedom as a Tanzanian to declare his political position in his country. Also as the Bishop leading the Full Gospel Bible Felloship church he had the right to announce to his members who are also members of different political parties his political position as their religious leader. For me if there was a time I used to respect Kakobe then it is that time. He openly and fearlessly rebuked the CCM Party of Bandits and endured their threats and threats. Although he does not currently have strong views on CCM, that is understandable. Who will oppose CCM and live safely in Tanzania? If they do not kill you, then they will track you down and before you know it everything will be painful for you. I hear Kakobe was following him to the point of disbanding his church. Every bad word they could say about him then they said. Every dirty political tactic CCM could have used against the Servant of God Kakobe then they only used the project to see that they ruined him in everything. Even though Kakobe today has eased the stereotypes about CCM, but I call him a hero who wrote the history of God's servants who opposed CCM in broad daylight. So Kakobe is a role model.

But who exactly is Kakobe? Do we really know KAKOBE? What makes him who he is? I am an evangelist and gospel singer, Faustin S. Munishi and I bring you Kakobe who you never knew. We met him in the eighties until 84 when I moved to Kenya and left Kakobe Tanzania. For years I have known him, this is Kakobe Zakaria Mokovu a tyrant who is confident in everything he does. Many confuse one's zeal in what one does with divine anointing. Cocacola successfully sold around the world is not that the owners of the company are saved, but it is their efforts in advertising their product. Many businesses around the world have been successful for business owners following business principles. Much has not been said whether he is saved or not, but commercially he still leads. Does Kakobe run the church using commercial principles? or does he apply the principles of God's word?

He started as a copywriter for copying songs by various artists without permission from those artists. It would be the current time he would be arrested and brought to justice for copying songs without the permission of artists, but at that time he was licensed to do so. Strangely enough he announced the illegal activity in the media. His company name was known as MULANGA EDITION. That was in the eighties. His self-proclaimed zeal, and belief in what he did even though it was illegal work, made him known throughout Tanzania as a well-known copywriter. I am not surprised when people say that the church he leads is the Full Gospel Bible Felloship is the leading Pentecostal church in terms of population. But that does not mean that the church is the measure of the churches in Tanzania as even many often make mistakes. But I should not be misunderstood as to say that Kakobe's church is not true, but I can also say one hundred percent the opposite. Only God has the standard to judge which true church. But it is not wrong for God's servants to give their opinion about what they see and hear, and because they have the Spirit of God in them, they will often not be so wrong. What I say I say as a servant of God. Perhaps I should say that I am a servant of God. I believe so. but I do not prevent anyone from seeing me otherwise because even what I am saying here is probably also self-confident he is a servant of God.

Perhaps Bishop Kakobe will have forgotten, but I will not forget. In those days we met often and discussed much about the salvation and growth of the church of God as a whole. For the whole time we were discussing things with Kakobe, I regarded him as someone who had a great sense of analysis and was not an easy person to follow things as the flag follows the wind. He often questioned how much money they were contributing to the preparation of Evangelist Kulola meetings, he once told me that such meetings are beginning to be meaningless and tend to be turned into annual festivals. In his view at the time, the whole purpose of bringing sinners to Jesus was forgotten and instead the church members who had already believed in Jesus were the ones who came to celebrate the gospel. At that time I agreed with him one hundred percent even though I was traveling all over Tanzania and evangelist Kulola. If Kakobe had called for a coup at that time, we would have joined forces to overthrow Kulola. But what he was blaming her for, I don't know what others would say if she blamed him. But Kakobe is not lacking in speech as far as I know. Although he was not as terribly rich as he is now, Kakobe was confident, he loved himself very much. It would not be surprising to see Kakobe and his wife along with their first child walking on Samora Road on Sunday after the service. We often met in the city without notice or registration and Kakobe and I discussed a lot. Years have passed and much has changed. I don't expect to find Kakobe now eating roasted cassava in Kariakoo, but don't be surprised if he finds me in Kariakoo with my mother and I will eat half a plate and a sandwich. That's my life. I am still as free as Kakobe in the eighties.

He was a free man. People knew MULANGA EDITION better than its owner who was Kakobe, something that made him free to walk around all corners of Dar without people starting to show each other Kakobe is the one. I doubt if now as archbishop he can dare to walk freely on the streets of Dar. People now know Kakobe better than the Full Gospel Bible Felloship church, which he leads as archbishop. Also I don't think he would like to be seen in the city without a big car, it would be humiliating. But I am still free to walk around the corners where we met in the eighties, and I will not allow anything to deprive me of that freedom. It is not the popularity or the reputation of the people that can rob me of the freedom to meet people, and to go where I want at the right time. If the title is the one that can stand between me and my freedom, then I know what I will do. Let's leave it at that, let's move on to Kakobe.

Despite his MULANGA EDITION business that was booming every now and then, Kakobe was a trusted member of TAG Temeke church. He relied heavily on the church for all kinds of contributions. As was the custom in many Pentecostal churches in those days, most of the members were helpless in life, leaving the few who could afford to carry the full load of the church. Kakobe at the time was very self-sufficient which led him to have a very close relationship with the Pastor. The pastor of Temeke church at that time was Masalu. Kakobe often complained about the endless donations to the church, especially considering that he and a few of his colleagues were carrying the burden. One day he interrogated me during one of the meetings of Evangelist Moses Kulola, and it was about where I was scheduled to sleep and the type of food I was given throughout the meeting. When I told him that I was eating a normal meal, bean and porridge or rice, he expressed his displeasure. Although he did not have a position in the church, he promised to talk to the pastor and they would serve me as an invited servant of God. Actually the next evening my diet was changed and I ate the same with Evangelist Moses Kulola again at the same table. It will be recalled that at that meeting I was the minister through singing. That Kakobe was recording my songs and selling them to those partners is an indisputable fact. But the respect he showed me at that time was not unusual. Probably it was due to his business of copying the songs of various singers, that is what made him respect all the artists in general I do not know. But without adding salt Kakobe was the only person who ever gave the highest honor to my evangelistic ministry through singing, when the singers were considered nothing in the church. But I don't know if he still respects the artists during this time as archbishop.

Majuzi nilipata nafasi ya kulitembelea kanisa lake la Full Gospel Bible Felloship jijini Dar es Salaam. Kulikuwa na kongamano la wachungaji zaidi ya 8000 wa makanisa mbali mbali ya kipentekoste. Ni kitambo kidogo tangu tukutane na Kakobe uso kwa uso. Tangu miaka ya themanini hadi themanini na nne sikumbuki kama tumewahi kukutana. Ukizingatia kwamba miaka mingi hatujaonana na mtumishi wa Mungu Kakobe, halafu uchanganye na Mengi tuliyowahi kujadili na Kakobe kuhusu Kanisa la kipentekoste Tanzania na Hatma yake, Tena uongeze na Askofu Kulola ambaye miaka hiyo alikuwa na vita kali kati yake na Askofu Emanuel Lazaro, na wote wako kwenye kongamano, Kwa nini mimi Munishi nisiwepo? Hata kama siyo kuhudumu kama mwimbaji, nikae nisikilize wasemavyo wengine. Kwa kuwa ilitokea kwamba niko Dar kwa kipindi hicho, na kuna mkutano wa kihistoria kama huo, ningeukosa basi sijui mimi ningekuwa mhubiri wa jinsi gani nisiyefuatilia matukio ya kiinjili katika nchi yangu Tanzania.

Sikuruhusiwa kuingia kwenye mkutano huo kwa kile walichokiita kukosa kadi maalum kuniwezesha kuingia. Pamoja na jitihada zangu kutaka nipelekwe mahali pa kujiandikisha niipate kadi hiyo, lakini walinzi baada kwenda jukwaa kuu kupeleka suala langu walirudi na kunibeba juu kwa juu kunitoa kwenye mlango wa kuingilia mkutanoni na mlango kufungwa. Nilipojaribu kujieleza kwamba lengo langu ni kumsikiliza Askofu Kulola ambaye alikuwa anahubiri kwa wakati huo, majibu yalikuwa kwamba "Hii siyo injili ya kawaida. Ingekuwa hivyo tungeiweka viwanja vya JANGWANI." Siwezi kuwalaumu walinzi mlangoni kwa maswahibu yaliyonikuta, kama kulaumu nitamlaumu Kakobe mwenyewe. Ila kimahusiano mema, Kakobe atawalaumu walinzi kwa kunitimua mkutanoni. Lakini mimi najua walinzi walikuwa wakitimiza maagizo ya BOSS wao Kakobe. Ila sina kinyongo, Kanisa ni la Kakobe, walionizuia kuingia ni walinzi wa Kakobe, sasa wa kulaumu lazima awe Kakobe. Ingekuwa Kanisa ni la Yesu kama inavyostahili kuwa, basi hakuna mwenye mamlaka ya kunitimua hapo. Tena kanisa la Yesu linapaswa kuwa la jumuia na siyo mali ya mtu. Katika nyakati tulizo nazo ambapo makanisa yanabinafsishwa na kuwa mali za watu binafsi, basi wengi watatimuliwa kama mimi. Wananicheka kwa sababu nimeanza kutimuliwa, lakini ukimuona mwenzio ananyolewa, kichwa weka maji kwani wakimaliza na huyo itakuja zamu ni yako.

Baadaye ndipo nilipokuja kuelewa kwamba Lengo la mkutano lilikuwa ni kuweka mikakati ya kujenga mahusiano mazuri kati ya kanisa na serikali. Akizungumza wakati wa ufunguzi, Mwenyekiti wa umoja huo Askofu Sylvester Gamanywa alisema, wakati umefika kwa serikali kutowapuuza wapentekoste. Alidai kwamba wapentekoste hawapewi nafasi katika vyombo vya habari vya kitaifa jambo ambalo alisema limechangiwa na dhana potovu kwamba walokole ni watu waliochanganyikiwa kimaisha na hawana lolote la kuweza kuisaidia serikali kiutawala. Naye Askofu Kitonga wa kanisa la Redeemed Kenya alisema anaunga mkono kongamano hilo na akasema anafurahi kuona askofu Kakobe akiufuata ushauri wake wa kutoipinga serikali iliyoko madarakani. Aliongeza kwamba nchini Kenya serikali iliyokuwa madarakani ilitambua umuhimu wa wapentekoste na iliwatumia sana katika kuwasilisha sera za serikali kwa wananchi ambao wengi ni washirika wa makanisa hayo....

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Amani Daniel alizindua albamu yake ya kwanza rasmi siku ya tarehe 20/10/2013 katika Kanisa la Tabata-Kimanga EAGT linaloongozwa na Mchungaji Joseph Marego. Albam hiyo ina jumla ya nyimbo nane ambapo wimbo wa Mungu wa Mipango, ndiyo umebeba jina la albamu. CD za wimbo huu zinapatikana kwa bei ya Kitumishi. Kuwasiliana na Amani kwa facebook bonyeza hapa Amani Daniel on facebook . Ni albamu ambayo hupaswi kuikosa . Mungu na akubariki sana.

Amani Daniel akiwa katika pozi

Amani Daniel akiimba siku ya uzindu zi wa albamu yake - Mungu wa Mipango.
 Kuwasiliana nae katika facebook bonyeza hapa Amani Daniel on facebook

MC Victor Aaron na Peter wakisimamia vyema shughulu hiyo ya uzinduzi wa Albamu ya Amani Daniel inayoikwenda kwa jina la Mungu wa Mipango. Kuwasiliana nae katika facebook bonyeza hapa Amani Daniel on facebook

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The pastor of the GRC Church, Anthony Lusekelo ‘Elder of the Anointing’ has said he will not give away the condolences of Bishop Moses Kulola due to the humiliation of the fundraisers.

Speaking to this newspaper last Saturday by phone, the Anointed Elder said instead the money of 15 million shillings will now be used to treat the pain he suffered from the media writing controversy over his promise to offer such condolences.

"First of all, the person who was supposed to be collecting the money, who is the Treasurer of the EAGT Church, Pastor Praygod Mgonja, I do not know by the way, I told him what is the best way to present the money, instead he used the media to humiliate me.

“I told Pastor Mgonja that fifteen million shillings is not like three hundred thousand shillings; They should have a clear order of release. I told mother Kulola (the wife of the deceased) to follow herself to pray for my blessing, she said ok, now I am surprised she is humiliating me, ”said the Anointed Elder.

He reiterated his statement in a text message to the reporter that he would not deliver the promised pension.

He added that he has now canceled the release of the money as he thinks there is a conspiracy he did not mention and that the money will now be used to treat the injuries he sustained after the news from the media.

The newspaper last week quoted Pastor Mgonja as saying that he had not received the condolences of the Anointed Elder who are 15 million shillings and others who promised including Pastor Josephat Gwajima who promised to give 10 million shillings and Pastor Getrude Lwakatare (one million shillings) had given.



God is kind and generous is not like how a man may think of you. He only think of empowering, blessing and making your life to prosper.