Tuesday, January 22, 2013


(MATTHEW 14: 22-33)

Matthew. 14: 22-33

If he can perform the greatest miracle, other small miracles he can do as well; such as healing us, giving us financial blessings n.k.a.

How to receive a financial miracle

Ask God to give you a seed to plant.
When you get the seed sown it will bring forth a hundred and sixty and thirty

Three important things to consider in order to receive a miracle:

Put God's promises (hard ground) under your feet-; stand on the promises of God and watch.
Keep your eyes on Jesus; don't waste your time on inappropriate things.
Pray without ceasing


The greatest miracle God can do for us is that he can save us.

Math. 14:22-33

If he can do the greatest miracle, the other miracles which are minor he can also do; for example healing, giving us the financial breakthrough etc.

How to receive Financial miracle
  • Ask God to give you seed that you may sow.
  • After getting the seed sow it and you may reap 100, 60 and 30.
Three things important towards receiving miracle:
  • Put God’s promises (solid ground) under your feet; stand on them and you wont sink.
  • Fix your eyes on to Jesus; don’t concentrate on negative things.
  • Don’t give up on your prayer

Thursday, January 03, 2013


I do not remember the times of his life

Tanzanian filmmaker, Juma Kilowoko aka Sajuki, passed away yesterday morning on 2/1/2013 at 1:30 at Muhimbili National Hospital, a day after the start of the new year 2013. Death has found the artist after a state of shock. his recovery began after he returned to the country from India while undergoing treatment for cancer. Just days before his death, Sajuki collapsed on stage at a concert to thank his fans in Arusha and later was rushed to Dar es Salaam for treatment where he was later diagnosed with anemia, but not many days passed until he passed away.

Tragedy strikes Tabata Insurance where funeral arrangements are underway. The body of the late Sajuki is expected to be buried tomorrow on 4/1/2013 in Dar es Salaam. The deceased is survived by a widow and one child. The Lord has given, the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord, amen.

(photo courtesy of http://kajunason.blogspot.com)


Bishop David Mwasota of the Naioth Gospel Assembly church located outside Mabibo external, Dar es Salaam said this at a service to begin the new year of 2013 at the church where many members appeared at the altar of the Lord and testified of what God had done for them throughout 2012.

Warning in his sermon he said that there is now a belief in Christianity that believers are made to reach God through the ministers they lead. These ministers make their believers dependent on them for all spiritual matters especially the whole matter of prayer and thus make them incapable of being spiritually independent.

Bishop Mwasota made it clear that this situation was another ‘copy’ that came instead of the faith that many had before they were saved where believers approach God through ministers. The bishop emphasized this by giving an example to other ministers who urge people to go to their homes just to be prayed for and to encourage them to do other things that they should do.

In addition, Bishop Mwasota who is the General Secretary of the Council of Pentecostal Bishops in Tanzania (PCT), made family prayers for his associates in the service as well as praying for the olive oil that the faithful brought with them to be anointed to break the problems and yoke in their lives. . The bishop has decided to put the anointing oil in oil and the faithful use it to apply it on the scalp, in the house n.k. after he received a great miracle from the anointed oil.

In addition, during the service the Servant of God pronounced a blessing on the members as well as cars and a lot of money for the year 2013. After all, the day ended with a joint meal to celebrate the new year 2013 where people of all ages, wives and husbands participated in the meal.

(photo courtesy of gospelkitaa blog)