Thursday, November 15, 2012


Daniel 9: 20-27

Week 1 = 7 years
1. (Verse 24) - 70 weeks is a prophetic count.

By our calculation one week equals 7 years.

A period of 7 years if there are 70 periods and each period is 7 years we can write this 70x7 = 490 (years).

The 70 weeks (70x7 years) refers to the Israelites and Jerusalem - the people of Daniel and his city.

2. (Verse 25) - Since the command was given to rebuild Jerusalem. 7 weeks = 49 years began with the command to rebuild Jerusalem under Ezra and Nehemiah. They built a temple, an altar, and a wall.

3. (Verse 26) The 62 weeks = 434 years began during the construction of the wall of Jerusalem, the construction of the highways and tunnels (62x7 = 434) and continued until the crucifixion of Christ.

The end of the 69 weeks marks the appearance of the Messiah as head of Israel.

The Messiah is cut off - Christ is crucified at the end of Week 69.

Between weeks 69 and 70 is interrupted by the current period and the church. This makes the 70th week still ahead.

c. After 483 years (49 + 434) the life of the Nation of Israel came to a standstill.

d. The Gentile Times begin after the 69th week. Now we are in this age waiting for the return of Christ.

Daniel did not see the Church age.

4. (Verse 27) - The antichrist will make a firm covenant with many people for 1 week (7 years).

The 70th week = 7 years is not yet the time when God will deal with Israel alone. This is a time of trouble for Jacob.

Je! You know it's time for us to go to heaven?


Prepared by; Rev. Joseph Marego Marego

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