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Pastor Chris and Anitha Oyakhilome

By Our Correspondent, Festus .
Last week we talked about closeness in relationships between couples who are saved and accept the Lord Jesus as the leader and the saviour of life. We talked about many things that we see as small but highly significant in improving relations between the couple. Today we conclude our study by describing other matters that can be a source of catalyst of love between the couple who saved.

we will discuss whole issue of transparency in the area of income and avoiding selfishness. Many men and women are not open on the whole question of income and this leads to them lacking the freedom to get something that they needed. For example there are many cases (we refer to characters) where the woman asks money from her husband's when they are outside the house. Sometimes a woman dared to send his son, who sees much loved by her husband and ask his father for spending money. Spending is something that the wife and her husband should sit and discuss at their own bedroom. When you get out of the room all matters have to be clear. Children should only participate in choosing food that they would need to eat for the day. But in the process of budgeting father and mother play the primary role.

Also, can see that men have a hard time when they were without anything due to factors such dismissal or leaving their own jobs and many other factors.

You can see when the man needs something that could help him in everyday life such as clothes. The man is unable to ask his wife simply because he is afraid of being embarrassed. Beloved let us stop this behavior if the wife has something, it is your responsibility to sit down together to plan expenditure together by considering relevant income limits.

The issue of selfishness dominated among the hearts of many couples. For example you can see the couple live together when they are all employees and all receive good income. But due to the selfishness you see one of the couple spending the money alone for pleasures and private activities; this is seen by most men. For women you can see that they spend money of their husbands in various activities and when they see any need at home they lay the whole load to them (their husbands) .however, they do other activities different from the development of their family. These women can spend their money on such things as building the houses in their village even though she and her husband don’t have a house.

getting rid of various problems in relationships couples are required to be clear in terms of revenue and avoid selfishness. Also, couples are advised to be very close in issues that are potential in marriage as well as knowing what one spouse likes and dislikes and other related matters. Fearing God and being faithful are enough weapons towards a better and successful marriage.

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