Wednesday, April 18, 2012


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Pastor Chris and Anitha Oyakhilome

The issue of proximity between Christian couples, especially those who are saved and have allow Christ Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of their lives has been an overlooked or ignored. I am talking of proximity not only being together during sleep, eating or going to church but even related to various tangible things that are small but very important in improving the relationships of couples and families in general.

Many Christians have witnessed their marriages encountering tragedies and tried to blame our enemy number one, who is the devil that the Bible descibes him as the father of lies. But if you examine the facts you can see that we ourselves are the source of these problems.

There are good and important things that couples should share in their daily lives but most of them are ashamed and afraid to do so with their partners in life. These things but not other conditions associated with biological, emotional, social and others of the kinds.

Beginning to talk about the biological situation, I would like to touch the issue of rotation of the days of motherhood. This issue is important for both spouses to know how the cycle goes and if there is any change notification is important for a woman to her husband. Before I give the benefit of knowing the trend of those days I had to provide testimony from the boy (name stored) who lives with his wife for nearly two years without knowing the trends of her days.

He was telling me that he was sometimes forced by his wife to get privacy when they have been involved for about four consecutive days and hence got exhausted and needs time to relax for the day.

Also, he was clarifying complaint that the other days he found his wife in a unhappy mood and don't even want to have him around making him feel bad to see married life is not a small paradise in the world as being explained severalservants of God. these are just some of the harm which was due to ignorance about the days of her cycle.

the days' rotation is important for a man because there are days called the days of 'Heat', these are the days when a woman is that she owed much to be close to her husband for privacy (privacy stated in 1 Cor 7). So he knew about this; that giving his wife enough privacy during the 'heat' days will satisfy the soul of his wife. The young man seems to have offered enough privacy for his wife when his wife did not need much, but he provided enough privacy in those days her wife didn't need much.

Similarly, during the 'bleeding', a woman is different and the specific situation arises but the situation is that explained that can accompany anger and pride. This is a condition caused by the hormones of the body, and not her voluntary. So I advice to the young to bear with his wife while she was in those days, in order to maintain their relationships without taking her wrong.

our lesson is to be continued next week, so follow this article for improving relations of the couples. It is important to note that other causes of temptations in marriage is entirely out of the genetic and biological factors, if you follow the continuity of this article, you get the facts.

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