Monday, January 16, 2012


Moses Kulola tells his Story
Moses Kulola, born in June 1928, in a family of ten children and five are still alive, registered for my first school in 1939 called Ligsha Sukuma a mission school and after Ligsha, I enrolled for the institute of Archtchture in 1949. I was baptised in 1950 in the AIM Church Makongoro.

Married to Elizabeth with 10 offsprings where seven are still alive.Begun missionary work in 1950 eventhough i was called upon in 1949 just after my baptism.

In 1959 i was enrolled on government work which i did to preach the gospel in towns and villages being a government employee. My great service to my country came to an end in 1962, where i compeletely dedicated my power, body and soul. In 1964 i enrolled in the theological college and 1966 i qualified with a diploma.

I didnt just stop there with education as i continued with correspondenced studies which accredited to my so many certificates accross the world.

Service: I worked for two years as Pastor no before becoming a Pentacostal believer that is 1961 to 1962, worked in TACR church 1966 till 1991 where i begun decided to started the Evangelistic assemblies of God.EAGT has succeded to growth at a great pace in tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and tantamounting to a total of 4000 churches in a range of big and small and I Moses Kulola being the bishop of the four thousand churches, Assistant Bishop Mwaisabila.

Running four thousand churches has never been a simple that is why the division has been done of 34 counties of operation and five zones for simplifying work and every county and Zone has its own Overseer.

(maelezo na picha , imetafsiriwa na

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